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My game, Hidden Treasures, has been on the market over two months now. Recently a customer presented a new problem that has never happened before.

According to the customer, In their words:

"There was a diagonal line across it, and it was like the image was backward so that the right side of the line showed what was supposed to be on the left, and the left side showed what was really on the right. Like if you switched them, it would show the proper image. The image itself is slanted as well (from top left to bottom right, at the same angle as the division line)"

enter image description here enter image description here

I have never heard of this before, and have no idea how to fix it. The app is a hidden object game, it uses a canvas for all the drawing as I did not know OpenGL ES at the time I made this game.

Basically, its got two bitmaps,

  1. the size of the screen,

  2. 1680x1050.

It draws a chunk from the big one onto the small one, then it draws all the hidden objects over that, then displays it to the screen.

I don't understand how it could even mess up at all. Its drawing a screen sized image to the screen, and it doesn't happen on any other phone to my knowledge.

Any ideas? It doesn't force close so I don't have a stack trace

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I havent worked a lot with canvases personally so this may be an off the wall comment, but is there a way, like with views in relative layouts, to set the alignment of the canvas and bitmap on it? Like bitmap.alignCanvas –  zgc7009 Apr 5 at 11:50

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