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I'm creating a tzp file using TrueZip 7, and the cp_rp method to add all directory contents at once to the tzp file.

After that, I'm trying to extract all contents of the tzp file to a target directory. However, the call:

zipFile = new TFile("");
public void extract(TFile file){
  for (TFile iFile : zipFile.listFiles()){
       File output = new File(iFile.getPath());;

Fails with an error: [path]\\Myjar.jar (destination exists already). If I use cp instead of mv, then the error is [path]\\Myjar.jar (contained in [path]\\Myjar.jar)

The problem also seems to be that TrueZip identifies zips and jars as both directories and archives, so when doing a isDirectory() on them, this succeeds, and doing a listFiles() returns all files contained within, so running a cp() on files recursively causes all jar/zip contents to be copied as directories.

What is the correct way of extracting these archive files without expanding them?

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You realize of course that there's zip support built into the base Java JVM -- The pieces are there to allow you to examine zip file contents and extract individual files. – Hot Licks Nov 12 '14 at 3:59
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Extracting an archive file to a directory can be done with one method call:

TFile archive = new TFile("");
TFile directory = new TFile("directory");
TFile.cp_rp(archive, directory, TArchiveDetector.NULL, TArchiveDetector.NULL);

The trick is to use TArchiveDetector.NULL when traversing the directory trees.

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Is there any way to extract one by one? The problem is I need to run some checks on files as I extract them. – Dan Jun 18 '11 at 13:57
This depends on the type of check. If it's a CRC-32 check, then you could use the CheckedZipDriver instead of the ZipDriver. You wouldn't have to change this code then. Otherwise, you'ld have to do the traversal yourself and use TFile.cp_p() instead of TFile.cp_rp(). – Christian Schlichtherle Jul 12 '11 at 8:03
When I create TFile directory using either a File object or a String I get the same IOException, that the path to the directory is "not a file". – Paul Aug 28 '14 at 13:48

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