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I am using LLBLGen Pro 2.5 with self-servicing. If I want to add some rows into my tables within a transaction and then update the first row I added, do I have to add that first entity into the transaction object again?

Here is a fictional example of what I mean:

Dim objCustomer as New CustomerEntity()
Dim trans as new Transaction(IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted, "AddRecord")
objCustomer.FirstName = "John"
objCustomer.LastName = "Locke"
objCustomer.DateCreated = DateTime.Now

Dim objOrder as New OrderEntity()
objOrder.CustomerID = objCustomer.CustomerID
objOrder.OrderDate = DateTime.Now

objCustomer.FirstOrderID = objOrder.OrderID
trans.Add(objCustomer) 'DO I DO THIS??????


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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You may be better off asking this at the LLBLGen support forums llblgen.com/tinyforum rapid top notch support is provided... – Matt Mar 23 '09 at 12:31
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No, you don't have to add it again. You can simply just do the save again. I use Adapter instead of Self Servicing, so I would have made sure to fetch my customer data upon saving, but I'm not sure if that is a requirement for self servicing or not.

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