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I have a page that simply has a dark-grey background for the body with a div in the foreground that has a white background. In every other browser besides IE 8 (even IE 7 seems to work fine!) the page is rendered fine. However, in IE8, I see the background color for a split second before it turns into white. Even more bizarre, when I open up the developer tools on IE8, the dark grey background re-appears!

I've tried this on 3 different computers now each with slightly versions of Windows, with the same results.

My only solution so far is to apply the dark grey background color to the html element which seems to work, but I'm fairly sure this is non-standard.

Any suggestions? Is this a known bug?

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Had this happen to me, and could replicate it with IE 9 rendering as IE 8. Marking as favorite and +1. HTML5, by any chance? –  James Skemp Jun 18 '11 at 1:28

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It's a bug in the version of jQuery you're using (v1.6.1).

I came across the same problem in this question, it has all the info you need: Weird IE8 layout glitch

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