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m i missing something? the first 3 work fine.

public void onClick(View v) {

switch (v.getId()) {
case R.id.hawknation_button:
   Intent i = new Intent(this, HawkNationRSS.class);
   case R.id.hawkcentral_button:
   Intent i1 = new Intent(this, HawkCentralRSS.class);
   case R.id.hawkeyesports_button:
       Intent i2 = new Intent(this, HawkeyeSportsRSS.class);
   case R.id.espn_button:
       Intent i3 = new Intent(this, HawkeyeSportsRSS.class);

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Try finishing previous activity(ies) in each case. Maybe they are invoking(or returning to) onResume() since you are calling same class and they are separate activities.

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Seeing as the third and fourth cases are in essence identical and you're saying the other three work, make sure that R.id.espn_button is indeed the correct resource ID, and that you've set the onClick handler for that button as well.

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Sorry, I should have done more digging before posting this. Forgot one critical line.

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