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Hi If could please take a look at my code and tell me what the next step I am looking for to get this result.

<script type="text/javascript">
     function doMove1() {
      foo1.style.left = parseInt(foo1.style.left)+1+'px';
      setTimeout(doMove1,20); // call doMove in 20msec
    function start1() {
      foo1 = document.getElementById('fooObject'); // get the "foo" object
      foo1.style.left = '0px'; // set its initial position to 0px
      doMove1(); // start animating
window.onload = start1;
        <div id="fooObject"> 
    <img src="images/pac.gif" width="38" height="38"></div> 

Basically what happens is that a image moves across the screen.What i am trying to accomplish is that when the image gets to a certain px (Lets say 900px) I want an event to fire. Any tips on accomplishing this task I am a beginner Ive been working on this all day before i thought to seek help.

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Just add a check for this in doMove1:

function doMove1() {
  var left = parseInt(foo1.style.left, 10) + 1;
  if (left >= 900) {
  } else {
    foo1.style.left = left + 'px';
    setTimeout(doMove1,20); // call doMove in 20msec

Does that help?

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Thankyou that is what exactly I wanted. I Made something similiar to this but I made variable like --- var ypos = foo1.style.left. I really appreciate your help. –  Quentin T Gaines Jun 18 '11 at 2:21

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