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In Visual C#.NET:

How do I add/append text directly to where the user's cursor is in a Rich Text Box?

For example, if the user clicked a button, and their cursor was somewhere in the rich text box, text would be immediately added to the location of their cursor.

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Use the SelectedText property:

textBox.SelectedText = "New text";

This will overwrite any selected text they have though. If you don't want that you can first set the SelectionLength property to 0:

textBox.SelectionLength = 0;
textBox.SelectedText = "New text";
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     rtb.SelectionStart += rtb.SelectionLength;
     rtb.SelectionLength = 0;
     rtb.SelectedText = "asdf";

This moves the cursor just past the end of the current selection, then adds "asdf" at the end.

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