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i saw this question in stackoverflow itself but i feel the question wasnt answered satisfactorily. I will copy-paste the same question here and being a newbie in database, it would be very helpful to me, more so as i have an initerview coming up next week.

Database Design

Part1: You are to design a schema (some tables) in which a student will have id, name; a course will have id, name; A schedule will have roomId, starting time; A room will have id, location, capacity.

Part2: You're to write the following queries a. return a list of all students and how many courses each of them took? order from highest to lowest.

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Because the original "spec" in Part 1 lists more tables than you actually need to statisfy part 2, I have ignored the unneeded tables.

Part 1: Database Schema

Course (Id, Name)
CourseStudent(CourseId, StudentId) <-- New many-to-many link table
Student (Id, Name)

Part 2:

s.Id, s.Name, COUNT(*)
FROM Student s
INNER JOIN CourseStudent cs on cs.StudentID
GROUP BY s.Id, s.Name

Assumptions: A student cannot enroll in a course twice.

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Given that the query you ask us to write is not possible from the schema you suggest, it's not difficult to see why the original question may not have been answered as you hoped.

There is no relationship between courses and students, so how are you meant to know how many courses a student took?

The best you can do is fulfill the first part of the request, and return a list of all students:

SELECT * FROM students

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