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Python newbie here, newer still to Pmw:

I have the following method defined for showing a Pmw MessageDialog box, and it works as expected and the result value is returned and posted in edit1, which is a Tkinter.Text widget; 'self' here is a Tkinter.Frame. (running Win7-32 and Python v2.7.2):

def _showMessageBar(self):

        dialog = Pmw.MessageDialog(self, title = 'DBox',defaultbutton = 0,buttons('OK',Cancel'), message_text = 'DBox')
            result = dialog.activate()
        self.edit1.insert(END, result+ "\n")

The problem is, the call to dialog.activate() doesn't allow me to control the location of the messageBox.

If I change that call to:

result = dialog.activate(geometry = first+50+20)

then the messageBox widget is placed at the specified coordinates, but this has two side effects:

1) The messageBox widget now has the buttons of main window (close, minimize,maximize) rather than a dialog box (just the close 'X' button)

2) The result value is never posted to edit1.

Question: How do I control the location of the messageBox while maintaining the dialog box buttons/border and getting the value posted to the Text (edit1) widget.


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The answer is that the geometry options need to be in quotes, I wasn't seeing the proper results because an exception was being thrown by the improper geometry specifier. This code:

result = dialog.activate(geometry = "first+50+20")

works fine.

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