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I'm creating a web page that allows users to select a value using the jQuery UI Slider. However, I would like to update the values as the user is scrolling, so I attached a update_value function to the sliders slide event.

The issue is that when the slider handle gets to the edges, the value I get is incorrect. For example, I get a value of 500 when it should be 0, and 99000 when it should be max. (100000).

I tried testing with the change event, and it gives me the exact value required. However, the problem is still there when I try using the slide event.

Any ideas?

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Solved it! The problem is that using:


Doesn't give the exact value for some reason. However, by modifying the update_value function to:

function update_value(event, ui)

and using ui.value solved the problem.

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I love it when I google for something and it finds a Stack Overflow page. You know you're probably gonna resolve your issue :D –  Archer Oct 11 '12 at 9:28

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