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class Semaphore {
   private int count=100;
   public Semaphore(int n) {
      this.count = n;

   public synchronized void acquire() {
      while(count == 0) {
         try {
         } catch (InterruptedException e) {
            //keep trying

   public synchronized void release() {
      notify(); //alert a thread that's blocking on this semaphore

Currently I am supporting 100 users. If a request comes from the jsp (Client) and goes through this class, will the Thread (the request from JSP ) wait and notify automatically?

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I would highly recommend using the java.util.concurrent.Semaphore from the standard library instead of writing a custom Semaphore implementation. Only to mention one reason why this generally is a better idea: notify does not give any FIFO guarantees (from Object.notify()):

The choice is arbitrary and occurs at the discretion of the implementation

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You do not have to write a semaphore yourself.

Take a look at the Java 6 documentation for Semaphore. and this tutorial from Thomas Darimont.

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