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I've added repositoryItemCheckEdit in a xtragrid control's column. And i'm having total 3 columns in my xtragridview. From which two columns will be filled with the help of fields from my table when i'm setting datasource property of gridcontrol.

problem which is i'm facing is that when i'm changing the status of checkbox from xtragrid to checked for one time it works but when i'm checking from next row that time the previous selection of checkbox from gridview lost. It only maintain for only one row. and i want it two remain for multiple row.

how to do this?

my datatable contains two fields as TemplateTitle & TemplateBody. And my xtragrid contains three columns as two from datatable & additional column as a repositoryItemCheckEdit which is unbound column. I created columns of gridview at design time. and i've set just datasource property of gridcontrol to datatable.


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Provide more info. What's your data source structure? Could you provide a piece of code reproducing this? –  Hadi Eskandari Jun 18 '11 at 9:28
I think this has to do with the update/validation of focused row when focus moves away and or in combination with the way you bind the data, XtraGrid and repositoryEditors work very fine if we know how to use them. –  Davide Piras Jun 18 '11 at 9:44
@ Davide Piras : What should i do now? –  Priyanka Jun 18 '11 at 10:02

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If the repositoryItemCheckEdit is unbound you have to control the CheckEdit's checked state manually using the grid's CustomUnboundColumnData event otherwise the state is lost when you move to a different row.

You must search DevExpress support center for these type of issues. These are pretty well documented and can be found easily there.


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