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Hi I have written this code for adding new entry in database table. But while running it shows message that no table found. Please help me if u find any mistake in this code.

char *sqlStatement;
sqlite3 *pDb;
char *errorMsg;
ןnt returnCode;
char *databaseName;
databaseName = "Child.db";
returnCode = sqlite3_open(databaseName, &pDb);
if(returnCode!=SQLITE_OK) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Error in opening the database. Error: %s",
    NSLog(@"Open Sucessful");

//sqlStatement = sqlite3_mprintf("INSERT INTO childname VALUES"
//                             " ('%s')",[strTxtFldValue cString],"childname");
sqlStatement = sqlite3_mprintf("INSERT INTO childname VALUES  ('%s')",strTxtFldValue);
returnCode = sqlite3_exec(pDb, sqlStatement, 0, 0, &errorMsg);
NSLog(@"return code %d",returnCode);
if(returnCode!=SQLITE_OK) {
            "Error in inserting into the stocks table. Error: %s", errorMsg);
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a) childname is the table name? b) strTxtFldValue is a C-string or NSString? –  EmptyStack Jun 18 '11 at 10:28
are you sure you have created a table with that name? or have you copied database to documents directory? –  Rahul Vyas Jun 18 '11 at 10:56

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Try to create runtime database.

                 "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS PersonalDetailsTbl (ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,name TEXT,email TEXT,phoneNo TEXT,DOB TEXT,spouseName TEXT,aniversaryDate TEXT)",
                 NULL, NULL, NULL);

sqlite3_exec(database, [[NSString stringWithFormat:
                         @"INSERT INTO PersonalDetailsTbl VALUES(NULL, '%@','%@','%@','%@','%@', '%@')", 
             NULL, NULL, NULL);
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@user804417 How are u creating the Database table? If u are creating it manually and then adding the database file in the resouce folder, so that may work in simulator, but may give u problem when u run your app on device, so thats the one possibility of getting error like NO TABLE FOUND.

Inorder to resolve that try to create the database from withing the application when u lounch the app, this will definately resolve your problem.

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If you execute same insert query from your sqlite software, you will get the same result. So there may be a mistake in giving table name in your app. Or may be you are giving wrong database name...

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@EmptyStack a)childname is table name.b)cString portion is commented in code. but strTextFldValue is NSString not cString @Rahul I have copied the database not its referrence. @Gaurav am able to insert data into table using terminal. –  user804417 Jun 21 '11 at 19:24

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