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I want to give my python program to some people, and they will run this in Linux. What is the best way to do this ? Is it better to give them every script - I have 5 of them, or make it into an installer like *.deb

Thank you.

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just tar (zip) it and send it off, .deb is debian based distro's only and tedious for just some scripts:

tar -pczf myscript.tar.gz /path/to/dir/with/scripts

for a bonus add a requirements.txt with the required external dependancies if you have external dependancies; this way people can install the requirements easily by running pip install -r requirements.txt; Example requirements.txt (one rule per required dep):

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If you have used virtualenv and pip, you can use pip freeze as described here.

In the installation instructions you tell your friend to use:

pip install -E foo -r foo/pip-requirements.txt
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If you know a little of C/C++, you could make a tiny C/C++ program which kinda Glues all your python scripts together and packs the Python interpreter with it making a pretty presentable executable. Google "Embedding python scripts into a C/C++ application" and look for the CPython Api reference in your python docs.

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You can make a .deb package with:

fakeroot dpkg-deb --build /yourdirectory

Your directory should have a yourdirectory/DEBIAN/control file as described here, and yourdirectory/usr/share/uniquename for your program's files, and whatever other directories that need to be installed.

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