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I have a page with a comments social plugin, I would like to know if it's possible to notify users who have already commented on the form.

I can subscribe to the comment.create function, but how do I send notifications?

I know actual notifications are now impossible, but is there another way? (Sending a message from the user perhaps?). With the format of my page, they will want to know when someone has posted.

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I haven't tried that, it's just an idea.

https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/comments/ - look at the section describing way of getting comments via Graph API.

E-mail way:
You can ask each user who logs into your site to allow you to get his e-mail address. Then, you would subscribe to this event, list users who commented an article and send them an e-mail.

Message way:
You need a Facebook page for your site. Then you would receive a token for this page (manage_pages permission), get publish_stream permission in behalf of this page and publish message to streams of users who commented.

It may be also possible to send user a message on behalf of a page using Graph API, however I haven't seen anything like that in docs

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This is not allowed by facebook, the attempt will result something like this:

  "error": {
    "message": "An unknown error has occurred.",
    "type": "OAuthException"

This is because the social plugins do not "live" inside facebook, they are being distributed to 3rd party sites, and to prevent bad content posted from bots/apps to display in 3rd party websites, facebook has disabled this option.

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Search for WordPress Plugin called Ultimate Facebook Comments Email Notify. I hope it will solve your problem...and you can also take some idea from his script which he is using in the plugin....hope this helps :)

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