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One example of what I mean - I have a script that

  1. launches plink setting up a tunnel for rdp traffic to a PC on the remote server's local network
  2. launches mstsc to set up a remote desktop connection to the PC

When I manually exit the rdp session, I would ideally like plink to terminate too. Is there any way of making that happen (the script is in mixed VB and JScript, executed with WSH)?

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You could run mstsc synchronously and terminate plink when it returns;

objPlink = shell.exec("plink")
shell.run("mstsc.exe /blah", ,true)

//or as it seems to be a console app
objPlink.StdIn.writeline "quit or exit or whatever it is"
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worked a treat - thanks –  Jack Douglas Jun 19 '11 at 14:35

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