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I have a Composit which i will place in an Absolute Panel, I want to be able to specify the location coordinates of the composit and place it at that location in the absolute panel.

Also, at run time, sometime I will have to change the location coordinates of the Composit and move it.

I could have use a grid or other panel but while moving the composit, i want to place a move animation, that's why I'm using an absolute panel.

Can someone help me to specify the coordinates of the composite before placing it in the absolute panel

the composit:

public class SlotView extends Composite
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AbsolutePanel.setWidgetPosition() will change the location of a Widget displayed inside of an AbsolutePanel. This is limited only to using pixel-based offsets.

A more robust solution is to use a LayoutPanel, which supports the use of font- or box-relative positions. LayoutPanel also has support for animating transitions.

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DO u know how can get the top and left of a widget in a Layout panel by doing layoutpanel.getWidget(0)?? –  Noor Jun 19 '11 at 16:03

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