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I am trying to write a Wix3 install for a visual studio add-in.

I have it just about there, but I need reset the plugin by deleting a registry entry. Specifically any value starting with


How to a convince Wix to delete any such entries?

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Is your issue the need to do a partial match on the registry value. If not, then you might be looking for the RemoveRegistryValue element (nests under Component). If yes, then I would think you'd probably need to create a custom action to search for the registry value(s) to delete and populate the RemoveRegistry table with what you find. I would think a DTF (Deployment Tools Foundation) custom action would a viable option.

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You need to use registry element.

This should solve your issue you're having. There is a great WiX tutorial and registry is discussed in chapter called Beyond Files.

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Just FYI, the Registry element is deprecated in v3. The RemoveRegistryValue element seems to be the appropriate replacement in this case. –  Daniel Pratt Mar 12 '09 at 18:07

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