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I have one static class with two property.

public class SiteDetails
    public static string MetaIndexKeyword { get; set; }
    public static string SiteName { get; set; }


And one default page where i need to assign these static value on page load.

<meta name="keywords" content='<%= DealCollector.Model.SiteDetails.MetaIndexKeyword %>' />
 <asp:Label id="test" runat="server" Text='<%= DealCollector.Model.SiteDetails.HtmlMetaKeyword %>'></asp:Label> 

And Static class and Default page Namespaces are different.

When I am calling simply like this

<%= DealCollector.Model.SiteDetails.HtmlMetaKeyword %>

Then it working fine but in control and meta value it's not showing value.

please help me to find this solution.

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<%= expressions cannot be used as properties, you have to use <%# expressions instead.

Since <%# expressions are evaluated at DataBind() time, if you used that, then you need to call DataBind(); method at PreRenderComplete like..

protected void Page_PreRenderComplete(object sender, EventArgs e)

Finally it will be like, if you set the property to your label control

Text='<%# DealCollector.Model.SiteDetails.HtmlMetaKeyword %>'
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