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I have been using the IE9 Browser Version Rendering to do my IE cross browser testing on IE7 & IE8. My question is though, are the results that these versions return accurate to what a standalone version would be like?

The reason I ask is that I have created a site which works well across all browsers using the IE Browser Version Rendering but I have have recieved a screenshot of the site in a standalone IE7 version that looks really poor, for example the header tags which are basic 24px arial font are rendering terrible?

Regards Kyle

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No, the IE9 emulations are not exact.

You can use IETester to get a way better view (the rendering will be identical, but interactions such as searching, printing, opening new windows will not).

For 100% of the old experience, turn to Microsoft's VM images of old IEs.

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+1. IE7 is not the same as IE7-compatibility mode in other versions of IE. Also +1 for mentioning IETester and the fact that a VM image is the only 100% reliable way of back testing. Very good answer. –  Spudley Jun 18 '11 at 15:54
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In my reasonably extensive experience testing things in IE9 with the various different "Browser Modes" to test as the older versions of IE, it's been exactly the same as using the actual browser.

I do still have virtual machines containing the genuine versions, because there are (very rarely) differences.

But, they tend to be bizarre edge cases, and certainly not something as mundane as the size of a font.

I think you're having this problem: Horizontal Menu Displays Incorrect on Widescreen Monitor

..which is that the "Text Size" has been changed from the default.

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