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I need in my django project run long tasks. Desided to use celery with redis as broker. Installed redis runs:

The server is now ready to accept connections on port 6379

Than I install django-celery, configure:

import djcelery
BROKER_HOST = "localhost"
BROKER_PORT = 6379 #redis
BROKER_USER = "guest"

and run it:

python manage.py celeryd -l DEBUG
[2011-06-18 10:31:37,913: DEBUG/MainProcess] Starting thread Timer...
[2011-06-18 10:31:37,914: DEBUG/MainProcess] Starting thread Consumer... 
[2011-06-18 10:31:37,914: WARNING/MainProcess] celery@greg... has started.
[2011-06-18 10:31:37,914: DEBUG/MainProcess] Consumer: Re-establishing connection to the broker...

my example task look like:

from celery.decorators import task
def add(x, y):
    return x + y

now I try to run it in shell:

In [3]: from message.tasks import add
In [4]: r=add.delay(2, 5)    

it wait very long and render Traceback http://dpaste.com/555939/. What it can be? Maybe I miss something?

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The BROKER_BACKEND setting is missing. Here is a example config for using Redis:

import djcelery


BROKER_HOST = 'localhost'
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Don't know what this is, but I do know that RabbitMQ is the recommended broker for Celery and Django. I have it running and it works like a charm. Why not give that one a go?

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The problem was that I ran shell as: > python manage.py shell – greg Jun 19 '11 at 8:40
Ah, yes, you can only run celery from a file in your Django app indeed, should have noticed that :) – fijter Jun 19 '11 at 8:43

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