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I want to index a MySQL table using Whoosh and create an instant search page, so I need the results of the Whoosh search to be in JSON. Is there a script or a project that implements this already? I've tried searching but I only find Haystack search for Django.

If not can I get some broad pointers how I should go about doing this.


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The Whoosh Results object is basically a list of dictionaries. From the examples:

>>> # Show the best hit's stored fields
>>> results[0]
{"title": u"Hello World in Python", "path": u"/a/b/c"}
>>> results[0:2]
[{"title": u"Hello World in Python", "path": u"/a/b/c"}, {"title": u"Foo", "path": u"/bar"}]

You could very easily turn this into JSON:

import json
def results2json(results):
   return json.dumps([r for r in results])
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