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Is there any option in Titanium Mobile Framework to prepend a view to existing views within a Scrollview? It seems that there's only the add-Method to append Views, but what i need is the possibility to prepend one.

Background: i want to be able to scroll any large Scrollview by adding a new View to the Scrollview when its scrolled to the right and prepent a new View to the Scrollview when its scrolled left. The existing View should then be dropped as soon as the new one is shown up...

Anyone has an idea how to achieve this?

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take a look at this gist, it might get you started


There are also a few threads in the Q&A Forum on this topic

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Hm, i can't see where views are prepended in this code. Could you please post a link to one of those threads in the q&a forum regarding this code? I couldn't find any by using the search option. Thanks for your efforts –  Stefan Müller Jun 19 '11 at 17:28

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