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I'm building a list dynamically using:

$("#Selected ul").append($liObject);

Adding works, the issue is when I call:

alert($("#Selected ul").length)

It always returns 1 even if I added more items. Thanks

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That's right; no matter how many li's you add to the ul, you still have only one ul. You're counting the wrong thing. –  Mark Eirich Jun 18 '11 at 20:08
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You are selecting the list, not the children of it. What you should do is this:

$("#Selected ul").children().length


$("#Selected ul li").length
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$("#Selected ul").children().length
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You're appending your <li> to that <ul>, not creating more <ul> elements (well maybe, if they're children of $liObject, but your results don't point to that being the case).

To get the number of .children() you'll need the .length of that collection, like this:

alert($("#Selected ul").children().length)

Or a bit cleaner:

alert($("#Selected ul li").length)
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