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I have a game in RoR. The game breaks down like this. There are Levels, Levels have Missions and Missions have Gameplays (your attempt to complete the mission).

To pass a level you just need to complete 1 mission. So in my Level model, I am trying to write method to determine if a user has passed the level and can't seem to get it. I need to return true if the gamplay score is > the score required to pass the mission.

This is where I'm at. How can I exit the loop and return true if I find a Gameplay with a score > the mission score?

  def user_has_passed(user)
    self.missions.each do |mi|
      plays = Gameplay.where(:user_id => user.id, :mission_id => mi.id)
      #code here, if a play.score > mi.score return true, else return false
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Why don't you add one more part to the where call?

  good_plays = Gameplay.where(:user_id => user.id, :mission_id => mi.id).where("score > ?", mi.score)

And with this if you get any plays (good.plays.size > 0) you are good

Or with your query, you need one more loop

  plays.each do |play|
    return true if play.score > mi.score
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yeah, been trying things very similar but seem to always get false, has to be something stupid on my end –  brendan Jun 18 '11 at 20:55
got it, was missing an "each" at the end of my self.missions - your good_plays line worked perfectly, thanks! –  brendan Jun 18 '11 at 20:58
return play.score > mi.score

That should handle it succinctly. More verbosely:

return play.score > mi.score ? true : false


if play.score > mi.score
  return true
  return false

Note that the return is not strictly necessary as the last expression evaluated is what your method returns, but it helps to be explicit -- at least at first.

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that's what I thought, but I only have a plays collect, not a single play, when I try to loop through plays it seems to always return false, see my edit –  brendan Jun 18 '11 at 20:30

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