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I was reading Know Your Engines - How to Make Your JavaScript Fast (pdf) today and ran accross this JavaScript code on Slide #25 Properties in the Slow Zone.

// "Scripted Getter"
var a = { x: get() { return 1; } };

This is a Parse Error in Safari 5.0.5.

Can anyone guess what a "scripted getter" is in JavaScript?

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Have a look at this although the syntax is slightly different. Maybe an error in the slides? – Felix Kling Jun 18 '11 at 21:50
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I have no idea what implementation your syntax is supposed to work on. The paper claims it's "fast on IE" so it may be an IE-specific syntax.

There is an ECMAScript 5 feature where the syntax is:

var a = { get x() { return 1; } };

And there was an older Mozilla feature where the syntax is:

a.__defineGetter__("x",function () { return 1; });

The idea is supposed to be when you access a.x it will run the function and give you the value it returns. When you write to the x property, it will run a function defined as a setter in the same manner.

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I think you're right that it's a typo. My Safari simply doesn't support the ECMA syntax, but it works fine in Firefox 4.0.1. – Frank Krueger Jun 18 '11 at 22:08

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