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Is it possible to locate a SCVMM Management server from within a Hyper-v host? Is this possible via powershell? I am trying to find which machine manages one of my Hyper-v hosts. I've had no luck searching through registry/wmi. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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As far as I know, no. What you could do is to query all of your SCVMM servers and see which happens to know the guest.

Load up the VMM module and connect to your VMM.

# VM name, might or might not be hostname
$guestToLook = "myLostVM"
# A list of all of your VMM servers
$VMMServers = @("vmmsrv01", "vmmsrv02", "vmmsrv03")
$VMMServers | % {
    # Connect to VMM server
    Get-VMMServer $_
    # Get a VM from the VMM host by guest name
    $vm = Get-VM -name $myLostVM
    # If VM object is returned, you got the VM from current VMM host.
    if($vm.Name -eq $myLostVM) { "{0} is managed by VMM host: {1}" -f $vm.Name, $_}
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Not sure about powershell, but I just had to do this today.

1) looked up the port config for scvmm. So far, 5985 looks like the one: Link

2) On your host, run netstat -ano |find "5985"

3) That should return a list scvmm management servers connected.

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