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I am working on an iPhone app for school and need some help. The app should record video, make it slow motion (about 2x), then save it to the photo library. So far I have everything except how to make the video slow motion. I know it can be done as there is already an app in the App Store that does it.

How can I take a video I've saved to a temp url and adjust the speed before saving it to the photo library?

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If you need to export your video then you need to use the AVMutableComposition Class

Then add your video as an AVAsset to an AVMutableComposition and scale it with:

- (void)scaleTimeRange:(CMTimeRange)timeRange toDuration:(CMTime)duration

Finally you export it using AVAssetExportSession Class

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I'm confused on how this can be used to make the video slow motion? –  Alex Saidani Feb 22 '13 at 1:20

slowmoVideo is an OSS project which appears to do this very nicely, though I don't know that it would work on an iPhone.

It does not simply make your videos play at 0.01× speed. You can smoothly slow down and speed up your footage, optionally with motion blur. How does slow motion work? slowmoVideo tries to find out where pixels move in the video (this information is called Optical Flow), and then uses this information to calculate the additional frames.

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