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Can we check/test for existence of a route in Rails?

For example, I want to show a navigation bar that should show all of it's menu URL, regardless the URL exist or not. (to differ between the two, the broken url would use a different styling).

The code to show each menu would look like this:

%li= link_to_unless_current menu.name, :controller => menu.controller, :action => menu.action

However, Rails would complaint and throw an exception, if the supplied controller and action route doesn't exist.

Does Rails have a function to check before I do the aforementioned code?. Perhaps, something that looks like this:

-if some_function_to_check_route_existence?(:controller => menu.controller, :action => menu.action)


Rather than using "controller" and "action" columns for the menu, i use a "url" column instead. Now, I can do something like this:

- if Menu.root
      - for menu in Menu.root.self_and_descendants
        - if menu.url
          %li= link_to_unless_current menu.name, menu.url
        - else
          %li= menu.name

I can also use rails function to determine existence of a route, such as:

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What about this:

<% link_to @post.title, post_path if post_path %>
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that could work, however my current "menu.controller" and "menu.action" type is string. Do you think it is better for me to parse those string into "something_path" or is there any better function in Rails that takes those string as its argument to check for route existence? – giosakti Jun 19 '11 at 1:41
It would be much easier to make a named route, such as how I did it. If you can make a named route and just check if that exists you should be good to go and you don't have to write out the controller and action everything, hence named route. – s84 Jun 19 '11 at 1:45
Ok, in the end I use a "url" column to store menu instead of "controller" and "action" column. But I still thought that Rails should provide a function to check whether a route exist or not by supplying controller & action name. – giosakti Jun 20 '11 at 3:35
I can see how you think that but 99% of rails programmers use named routes or get them through resources. Good job on being innovative! – s84 Jun 20 '11 at 11:45

You can use begin rescue instead checking existances

route_exist = true
    url_for(:controller => menu.controller, :action => menu.action)
    # route not exist
    route_exist = false

if route_exist
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