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I have a List that I want to draw on a canvas. The problem I am having is getting the shapes to draw relative to the other shapes. Right now I basically have 4 right triangles that when correctly combined for a diamond:

 /| |\
--- ---

--- ---
 \| |/

The problem I am having is that all of the triangles get drawn on top of each other. How do I add Geometry objects to a canvas so that they are laid out correctly relative to each other and still scale to the canvas as a group?

foreach (var g in GetAListOfGeometries())
   System.Windows.Shapes.Path path = new Path();
   path.Fill = System.Windows.Media.Brushes.Green;
   path.Stroke = System.Windows.Media.Brushes.Purple;
   path.StrokeThickness = 1;
   path.Data = g;

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You have to set the Canvas.Top and Canvas.Left attached properties.

For example:

Canvas.SetTop(path, 10);
Canvas.SetLeft(path, 10);

More information about attached properties can be found here: Attached Properties MSDN

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