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Anyone knows how to store array or vector in ms sql server 2005? There is way to store array in oracle db but I don't know about sql server.


st_id [1234]
st_mk [(12),(34),(67),(45)]

st_id [3456]
st_mk [(12),(34)]

Like above st_mk (the vector size) is not same.

Please help me...!!

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In a separate child table?

create table Vector(st_id int primary key)

create table VectorElement
    st_id int references Vector(st_id),
    element int

create index IX_VectorElement_st_id on VectorElement(st_id)

insert Vector

insert VectorElement
select 1234, 12 union all
select 1234, 34 union all
select 1234, 67 union all
select 1234, 45

Another option to store it as a string (varchar), but this is less efficient and you would need to parse it.

Another option is to use XML type column.

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