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Using Exchange Web Services on Exchange Server 2010, I need to look up a user's primary SMTP address using a secondary e-mail address.

I'm trying to use ExchangeService.ResolveName(emailAddress). But, ResolveName() does not seem to match secondary e-mail addresses to primary ones. If I pass in the user's first and last name, then it finds the primary address. But, I need to be able to match using secondary e-mails.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I match a secondary address to a primary one?

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You need to call ResolveName with a string of the form smtp:someone@example.com. I'm not sure if ResolveName will ever return anything else than the primary SMTP address when called like this. But I checked the mailbox type just in case. The following code seems to work for me.

private string GetPrimarySmtpAddress(ExchangeService service, string email)
    foreach (NameResolution resolution in service.ResolveName("smtp:" + email))
        if (resolution.Mailbox.MailboxType == MailboxType.Mailbox)
            return resolution.Mailbox.Address;
    return "";

Add error handling as needed of course.

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Not strictly true, you can use other prefixes in calls to ResolveName, e.g. X500. –  donovan Dec 19 '13 at 3:37

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