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I know its possible with Symbian C++

as the following code

void GetProcessListL(void)
TFullName res;
TFindProcess find;
while(find.Next(res) == KErrNone)
    RProcess ph;

    // here you can use 
    // functions of the RProcess
    // to get more information
    // of the selected process.

    // res will have the process name..


However, is there a way to do this using only Qt?

As Symbian C++ is apparently obsolete, even Nokia does not recommend using it anymore.


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According to a post on Qt Centre last year:

What Qt APIs will I need to get the processes for the QStringList?

Getting a string list will have to be done in native way, so I can't help you there.

Here's an article on Nokia Developer about Using Qt and Symbian C++ Together using the PIMPL pattern, it shows how to call native Symbian C++ from Qt code. This would of course have to be ported if you want to run it on other platforms.

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thx i ll look into that –  BeyondSora Jun 24 '11 at 14:39

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