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I am in the part ( (

they ask me to build binutils again? i dont understand should we delete the binutils-build directory we used in the begining and create a new one for this build??? and what is pass 1 and pass 2? i am confused :/

please help :)

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You can't rush through this, I am NOT an lfs user (let alone an expert), and in 2 minutes of reading I found

Important After installing each package, delete its source and build directories, unless specifically instructed otherwise. Deleting the sources prevents mis-configuration when the same package is reinstalled later.

Pass1 builds a preliminary set of tools that work, Pass2 is building a set of tools that are optimized for your environment. Again, reread everything in chap5. Some experience with compilers is assumed.

Finally, from a comment by @yasouser on one of your previous questions,

See ... LFS Mailing Lists (


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