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I have a QList and want to process all its elements in parallel. The problem is I need to pass an argument to my_function. The code below doesn't allow for this.

QList<something> output = QtConcurrent::blockingMapped(

I may use a distinct function for each set of parameters. I may use a global variable too. I may try to rewrite the build in QT function too. However, there should be a better solution. Any idea?

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Assuming that the argument you want to pass to the function is independent of the items, you can create a functor that extends std::unary_function<const something&,void> whose constructor takes the argument you want to pass to it. Then, use the functor where you would use the function. E.g.,

struct MyFunctor : public std::unary_function<const something&,void> {
  myFunctor(int s) { _i = i; }
  void operator()(something& str) {
  int _i;


MyFunctor myFunctor(i);
QList<something> output = QtConcurrent::blockingMapped(
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What argument do you need to pass to the function? You can't directly do this. What you could do is passing the argument to a different structure with an operator() defined from which you can access the argument. That is if you don't want to use a global value.

Take a look at the examples here.

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I want to pass an integer number (int). – Michas Jun 19 '11 at 11:56

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