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I use Spring-JDBC to insert the list of facebook friends for a user in my MySQL database.

I have a final Long that contains the user uid and a List that contains the list of his friends.

my query is:

final String sqlInsert="insert into fb_user_friends(fb_uid,friend_uid) values(?,?)";

I create batch parameters using SqlParameterSourceUtils

SqlParameterSource[] batch = SqlParameterSourceUtils.createBatch(friendsList.toArray());

and I execute the insert using:

int[] insertCounts = this._jdbcTemplate.batchUpdate(sqlInsert,batch);

the problem here that the list contains only the 2nd parameter that's required by the query.

do I have to modify the friendsList to add to it another column or is there another way?


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This should help:


final Long uid = 1L;
final List<Long> friendList /* = ... */;

int[] updateCounts = jdbcTemplate.batchUpdate(
    "insert into fb_user_friends(fb_uid,friend_uid) values(?,?)",
    new BatchPreparedStatementSetter() {
        public void setValues(final PreparedStatement ps, final int i) throws SQLException {
            ps.setLong(1, uid);
            ps.setLong(2, friendList.get(i));

        public int getBatchSize() {
            return friendList.size();


final List<User> userList /* = ... */;
SqlParameterSource[] batch = SqlParameterSourceUtils.createBatch(userList.toArray());
int[] updateCounts = simpleJdbcTemplate.batchUpdate(
    "insert into fb_user_friends(fb_uid,friend_uid) values(:uid,:friendUid)",


@Data // from lombok 
class User {
    private Long uid;
    private Long friendUid;

not tested, adapted from the provided link samples

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Hi. I'm already familiar with the Spring JDBC documentation. I came to ask here after I didn't find the relevant information there. maybe it can't be done but I just wanted to make sure. – ufk Jun 19 '11 at 15:10

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