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I am looking to upload images to amazon s3. Those images should be re sized to two sizes a thumbnail and a normal size. The resize should be done on client side to reduce server bandwidth. Then information about the images should be stored in a db using asp.net MVC.

Preferably a plugin would be the best option to do so.

Can anyone please help me in choosing the right plug in or steps to accomplish this?

I have researched a lot and came across plupload and swfupload but I got very confused as to accomplish the very simple tasks above.

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First hit on google: SWFUpload Resize Image on the client demo.

Quote from the demo page:

This demo shows how SWFUpload can resize images on the client side. Images resized before being uploaded to the server. Then some JavaScript is used to download the thumbnail and display the resized image without reloading the page.

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Jumploader can also create thumbnails clientside. You can accomplish it with theese parameters. There are more parameters but they can all be found in the documentation. Jumploader is a java applet i opposition to swfuploader which is flash.

<param name="uc_uploadScaledImages" value="true"/>
<param name="uc_scaledInstanceNames" value="thumb1,thumb2"/>
<param name="uc_scaledInstanceDimensions" value="150x150xcrop,500x300xfit"/>
<param name="uc_scaledInstanceQualityFactors" value="600,900"/>

Good luck :-)

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