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i builed a weekly calendar "weekly_builder" ( https://github.com/dmix/weekly_builder/ ) that i found in http://dmix.ca/2009/06/weeklybuilder-a-weekly-calendar-plugin-for-rails/ . when i go into the calendar route i get this error:

undefined method `starts_at' for #<Status:0x866c100>
Extracted source (around line #4):

2: <% weekly_links(:date => @date) %>
3: <% weekly_calendar(@events, :date => @date, :include_24_hours => true) do |w| %>
4: <% w.week(:business_hours => params[:business_hours], :clickable_hours => true) do |event,truncate| %>
5: <%= event.date.strftime('%I:%M%p') %>
6: <%= link_to truncate(event.name,truncate), event_path(event) %>
7: <% end %>

this is my calendar controller:

def weekcalendar
    @date = Time.parse("#{params[:start_date]} || #{Time.now.utc}")
    @start_date = Date.new(@date.year, @date.month, @date.day) 
    @events = Status.find(:all, :conditions => ['date between ? and ?', @start_date,  
    @start_date + 7]) 

and this is my calendar view:

<% weekly_links(:date => @date) %>
<% weekly_calendar(@events, :date => @date, :include_24_hours => true) do |w| %>
<% w.week(:business_hours => params[:business_hours], :clickable_hours => true) do |event,truncate| %>
<%= event.date.strftime('%I:%M%p') %>
<%= link_to truncate(event.name,truncate), event_path(event) %>
<% end %>
<% end %>

please let me know what is wrong. thank you very much.

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Make sure you have a starts_at attribute defined for your Status model.

According to the error you are getting, there is not starts_at defined. Either change the name of whatever attribute you are using to starts_at, or in your Status model, define an alias method.

alias :starts_at :whatever_field_name


def starts_at

Or see if there is some configuration parameter with the plugin you are using to specify a different field.

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this is me from anther user, i'm using a :date attribute in the Status model in replace to the stats_at attribute, what i need to change? –  gal Jun 19 '11 at 19:12
See additions to answer. –  Aaron Hinni Jun 19 '11 at 19:39

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