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How does AppMakr and Mobile Roadie work? Do they load native UI in their apps or is it webapp based? And how do they update their content within the app?

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Our platform builds native UI apps, we do not use web views. We pull in XML feeds to update design and content. All changes (design + content) you make from the CMS update the app in real time. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email hello@mobileroadie.com and we're happy to answer.

Michael Schneider CEO, Mobile Roadie

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Folks should also consider www.Snappii.com We build native apps which can be updated via our website CMS. Point and click development with no programming at all

Alex Bakman President

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Another alternative is http://www.MobileAppLoader.com. We have Native Apps that can render HTML upon request. We update our App remotely via XML.

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