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I need some clarification on the following Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements:

  1. It is mentioned in the Application Certification Requirements that "The application must render the first screen with in 5 seconds after launch". What does that mean, either we need to display the splash screen with in 5 seconds or the home screen ?.

  2. If the application finds that there is no data connection currently on the device, then can we show an error message in a message box saying "There is no data connection. Please check and launch the app again" and once the user dismisses the message box by clicking on the OK button, can we close the app?(this is what we do in our iPhone applications). Or do we have to show some old content, even if there is no data connection ?

  3. In the Application Certification Requirements, it is mentioned that the application must not exceed 90mb of RAM usage. How do we check the RAM usage by an application ?

Please clarify the items mentioned above. Thanks!.

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1) I believe it's the first screen of your application, not the splash screen. This could include a loading screen (preferably with a ProgressBar) if you need to continue loading something. (Related post)

2) I've seen an app do exactly this. The user launches the app and if there's no connection, it displays a message and closes the app. As long as the user is aware that the app will shutdown because a data connection is required (but not found), it should be okay.

3) You can use DeviceStatus.ApplicationCurrentMemoryUsage to check the usage. (Example here)

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If I remember correctly, for question 1, it is a first screen (post splashscreen) must appears 5 sec after launch, and the application must be responsive after 20 seconds.

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