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I've followed this gist, this blog post and downloaded and deployed this example and in all 3 cases I get:

Error H14 (No web processes running) -> GET etc-etc-999.herokuapp.com 

Is there any usual clojure + heroku gotcha's that I might be falling foul of?

Things I've tried/checked:

  • I've tried running my app locally and it works,
  • I've made sure my local and remote copies are in sync,
  • I've tried seting the heroku config PORT=8080 and tried un-setting it
  • I've tried restarting the apps
  • I've got a working Procfile
  • I've checked that I have 1 web process up and running.
  • and have made sure I'm set up to use the cedar stack.
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Ok I finally found the problem...

GET "/"

Works fine locally and is exactly how the above git project does it...

But I had to change this to:

GET "/*"

To get it to work on Heroku.

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