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So i have been writing Selenium tests for a while now and i have been running the only from the IDE untill now.

i would like to be able to write a script that runs all my tests sequentialy. I am using the testng framework with eclipse and selenium-2.0b3 jar.

What i'd like is eventually to have a file like "runSeleniumTests.bat" witch just runs them and gives me some sort of report when in finishes.

if anyone has an idea, it will be very greatly appreciated, thanks :)

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This has 4 options for how to run testng tests the xml file should include all your tests

You could also try to use maven and as long as your tests are annotated correctly and in /src/test/java they will all be run for you with mvn integration-test (as long as you have the proper dependencies defined and I believe maven-surefire-plugin). This might be more difficult to setup initially but usually pays off.

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