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The ToolStripManager is hopelessly broken. LoadSettings doesn't do a thing...and I'm evidently not the only one with this problem:



So...anyone have a workaround? The one posted in that thread just moved all the toolbars to the bottom of the window.

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Here is my solution:

Declare this struct to store the settings of a toolbar:

public struct ToolStripSettings
    public bool Visible;
    public Point Location;

Code to save

// save toolbar settings
List<ToolStripSettings> toolSettings = new List<ToolStripSettings>();
// mToolbars is initialized in the constructor to contain all of your toolbar members
// you could also probably populate it with reflection
foreach (ToolStrip ts in mToolbars)
    ToolStripSettings tss = new ToolStripSettings();
    tss.Visible = ts.Visible;
    tss.Location = ts.Location;
// serialize the toolSettings list wherever you keep the 
// rest of your user-specific settings

Code to restore

// Load toolstrip settings, if any
if (/*deserialized storage location*/ != null)
    for (int i = 0; i < mToolbars.Length; i++)
        mToolbars[i].Visible = /*deserialized storage location*/[i].Visible;
        mToolbars[i].Location = /*deserialized storage location*/[i].Location;
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Is restoring the Location all that is necessary if the ToolStrip was moved to a different ToolStripPanel? Ie, you don't have to explicitly store the parent container? –  Not Sure Mar 12 '09 at 21:38
You are right. You need to store the parent name as well--I'll update my post once I've fixed this. –  Nick Mar 13 '09 at 13:37

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