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I sent facebook a web request, it displays this on the screen,


How do I split it so that I have two variables access_token and expires.

access_token should have the value 129858573723395|2.AQB8yp6_GcD5hfxp.3600.1308506400.1-100000676383590|DUjbM8aN5PP-qzkLfTkGiZeCaLx4

expires should have the value 6099.

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string response = "access_token=129858573723395|2.AQB8yp6_GcD5hfxp.3600.1308506400.1-100000676383590|DUjbM8aN5PP-qzkLfTkGiZeCaLx4&expires=6099";
string token = response.Split('&')[0].Split('=')[1];
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What about getting expiry? – 001 Jun 21 '11 at 23:53

You should use HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(). It might require you to add the assembly System.Web.dll to your project references.

Most other solutions won't work properly if the string contains some characters encoded.

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(.+?)=(.+?)(?:&|$) will capture the key=value pairing for you.

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