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I'm looking for a simple example of a one to one relation with lift/mongodb. I'm able to create a simple MongoRecord like this one :

class Blob extends MongoRecord[Blob] with MongoId[Blob] {
  def meta = Blob

  object name extends StringField[Blob](this,10)

object Blob extends Blob with MongoMetaRecord[Blob]{


Now i would like to add parent/child relation into Blob, how could i do that ?


I finaly found how to solve my problem (this guide help me a lot). Here is the result :

MongoRecord :

package code.model

import net.liftweb.mongodb.record.{MongoMetaRecord, MongoRecord}
import net.liftweb.record.field.StringField
import net.liftweb.mongodb.record.field.{ObjectIdRefField, ObjectIdPk}

class Blob extends MongoRecord[Blob] with ObjectIdPk[Blob]{

  def meta = Blob

  object name extends StringField[Blob](this,10)

  object child extends ObjectIdRefField(this,Blob)


object Blob extends Blob with MongoMetaRecord[Blob]

This is how i create and read records :

package code.lib

import net.liftweb.http._
import code.model.Blob
import net.liftweb.common.{Full}

object REST {
  lazy val blob: LiftRules.DispatchPF = {
    case Req("api" :: "blob" :: Nil, suffix, GetRequest) => {
      () => {
        val blobs = => {

          val child = Blob.find(
          val childName = if (child.isDefined) child.open_!.name else "?"


    case Req("api" :: "blob" :: Nil, suffix, PostRequest) => {
      () => {
        val randID = (scala.math.random * 999).toInt

        val child = Blob.createRecord"child_" + randID)

        val blob = Blob.createRecord"blob_" + randID)


I'am still not sure if it's the correct way to do, so : any comments are welcome !

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Have you seen Looks like one should use MongoRefField from 2.4-M1.

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