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I am using Parameterized Trigger Plugin to trigger a downstream build.

How do I specify that my upstream job should fail if the downstream fails? The upstream job is actually is dummy job with parameters being passed to the downstream.

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Make sure you are using the correct step to execute your downstream jobs; I discovered that since I was executing mine as a "post build step", I didn't have the "Block until the triggered projects finish their builds" option. Changing that to "build task" as opposed to a "post build task", allowed me to find the options you are looking for within the Parameterized Trigger Plugin.

enter image description here

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only thing I'd add is that a blocked job still occupies a build executor so for long pipelines you need to bare that in mind. Thanks a lot for this answer though - been trying to do the same myself and didn't even think about using a Build Step. – Jason Apr 14 '15 at 11:22
this uses "postbuild-task" plugin then ? – CPU 100 Jun 27 at 17:25
found it thanks(please disregard my last question) – CPU 100 Jun 27 at 18:21

this code will mark the upstream build unstable/failed based on downstream job status.

Description: This script needs to put in Groovy 
Postbuild plugin of Jenkins as a Post Build task.

import hudson.model.*

void log(msg) {

def failRecursivelyUsingCauses(cause) {
     if (cause.class.toString().contains("UpstreamCause")) {
        def projectName = cause.upstreamProject
        def number = cause.upstreamBuild
        upstreamJob = hudson.model.Hudson.instance.getItem(projectName)
        if(upstreamJob) {
             upbuild = upstreamJob.getBuildByNumber(number)
             if(upbuild) {
                 log("Setting to '" + manager.build.result + "' for Project: " + projectName + " | Build # " + number)

                 // fail other builds
                 for (upCause in cause.upstreamCauses) {
        } else {
            log("No Upstream job found for " + projectName);

if(manager.build.result.isWorseOrEqualTo(hudson.model.Result.UNSTABLE)) {
    log("Must mark upstream builds fail/unstable");
    def thr = Thread.currentThread()
    def build = thr.executable
    def c = build.getAction(CauseAction.class).getCauses()

    log("Current Build Status: " + manager.build.result);
    for (cause in c) {
else {
    log("Current build status is: Success - Not changing Upstream build status");
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Is it possible to make it mark the upstream jobs as SUCCESS in case of a rebuild of the failing downstream job? – yair Apr 14 at 9:04

Have a look at the following response: Fail hudson build with groovy script. You can get access to the upstream job and fail its build BUT... be careful with the fact that Hudson/Jenkins post-build actions right now do not allow to specify any ordering: if your groovy script is specified besides other post-build actions, and those actions affect the result of the build (i.e.: parsing of test results), then you won't be able to update the status of the upstream job if Jenkins decides to run them after your groovy script.

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