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I want to be able to call the automator or unix commands like ls from a mono app and ge the results back.

This can be accomplished on windows easily. The question is how is this done on the mac??

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it had the mono sample. which is the same for windowss. I am still unsure what is the same and what is different. please make this answer so i mark it answered. –  Joe Jun 19 '11 at 22:24

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caveat: I've never written a char of mono in my life.

I imagine it's a matter of redirecting stdout and firing up a process. this linux forum shows that you can do pretty much that - OSX will behave mostly as a UNIX-like system for you, I reckon.

Oh by the way, if you want to fire up an OSX application, have a dig around inside the ".app" bundle. OSX shows these as a file, but they're actually directories. In the finder you can right-mouse click and "show package contents", or you can open up a terminal / command prompt and cd into them. For instance, you can launch the Automator like this from the terminal:


I don't know if you would want to go down this route, but if you're going to be interfacing with OSX (gui) apps, you might want to look at using Applescript as some "glue" between Mono and the app.

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