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I want to create a AppDomain with default permissions and load Assembly into the AppDomain with default privileges and execute the methods inside the Assembly.

Any Ideas on this are Appreciated.


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And then ​what? – SLaks Jun 19 '11 at 18:40
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You may take a look at the following article on MSDN. Or if you want to construct an instance of some type inside another AppDomain (assuming this type has a default constructor):

var domain = AppDomain.CreateDomain("NewAppDomain");
var path = @"C:\work\SomeAssembly.dll";
var t = typeof(SomeType);
var instance = (SomeType)domain.CreateInstanceFromAndUnwrap(path, t.FullName);

The instance variable returned with this method lives on your newly created application domain and you are ready to manipulate it.

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The link you referenced is dead. – tvanfosson Jun 25 '13 at 18:38

Perhaps this helps

Can I reload an assembly in Mono CSharpRepl?

var dom = AppDomain.CreateDomain("tmp");

See also

Using multiple versions of the same DLL

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