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after messing around with parsing a JSON response with GSON for a day, I finally figured out how to get my javabeans right in order to extract my data from the response. This is the layout of my nested classes and lists:

    public class LocationContainer {

    public class paging {
        private String previous;
        private String next;

    private List<Datas> data;

    public class Datas {

        private String message;
        private String id;
        private String created_time;

        public class Tags {
            private List<Data> datas;
            public class Data {
                private String id;
                private String name;


        public class Application {

                private String id;
                private String name;


        public class From {
            private String id;
            private String name;


        public class Place {
            private String id;
            private String name;
            public class Location {
                private int longitude;
                private int latitude;




Now I am trying to get a hold of the name string inside the place class and the created_time string, but since I am quite a noob, I can't seem to figure it out.

I was able to extract the created_time string by using

String time = gson.toJson(;

However using

String name = gson.toJson(;

doesnt work.

The item class is an instance of LocationContainer filled with the output from GSON. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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created_time is a member variable of Data, so your first line is fine.

However, Place is not a member variable, it's just a class definition. You probably need to instantiate a member variable inside your Data class, e.g.:

private Place place;
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Yes! Thank you Sir! gson.toJson( was my reference to the name string after inserting private Place place; into my data class. – Vincent Jun 19 '11 at 19:30

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