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I have a web service that provides clients with configuration data. It receives a request containing a version (ex: "v1") of that configuration data and needs to retrieve the data associated with that version. New versions of configuration data can be added while the web service is running.

The directory structure of the configuration data is:

        ...config files...
        ...config files...
        ...config files...

I know that web application best practices state I should not use and should instead use ClassLoader.getResource(), so how do I go about doing that? I can't compile my config data into a JAR because it can be updated while the service is running, so do I place the data on the filesystem and add that directory to my classpath?

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If your problem is solved (and not by my answer) you should definitely answer your own question, and accept your own answer. – Matt Ball Aug 1 '11 at 0:06
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We didn't find any way to do this with Weblogic, so we updated the application to read the data from the filesystem instead of the classpath.

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